Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coconut Island - Playable Game!

I made this point and click adventure for Sidney's Birthday! I made it in roughly a week, so it is more like a prototype than a finished art piece. I created it with GameMaker Studio HTML5.
Report any issues in the comments so that I may fix them.
I apologize if it has a long load. Have fun!


  1. I bought the key but it doesn't show up in my items! How depressing...I was this close.

  2. Whoops, it still registers you have the key even though you can't see it. Make sure you plug the side of the volcano as well as get the key.

  3. Cool! Well the only thing I saw was if you clicked on an item when you didn't need to use it, I wasn't sure how to get it off of my cursor. Good job, though!

  4. Sorry Jackson! I programmed it to right click off, but I can make it left click off as well.
    I'm glad you liked it!