Saturday, March 15, 2014

Commentary - Crazy Bonus Content!

I apologize that I'm reviewing an old game, but I couldn't resist. Today I'm going to talk about Ape Escape 3 for the PS2. First off, if you haven't played this game, find a used copy and buy it now! The duel stick controls are very innovative and responsive.

Anyways, Ape Escape's story revolves around an evil monkey named Specter taking over the world's TV broadcasting stations. Each platforming level is cleverly designed around a TV show or movie. Although this game is amazing on its own, it's the bonus content that pushes Ape Escape 3 to the next level.

You can watch their skits or make your own!

Throughout the game, you'll watch small monkey skits performed in front of cameras. That alone is awesome, but once you finish the game, you can make your own skits! They voluntarily wrote their own video editing software inside a lengthy polished game! It not only supports the story, but it provides countless hours of fun for the player! That's dedication. There needs to be more bonus content like this!

An example of some created videos.

And, the extras don't stop there! They also included a lengthy kid-friendly Metal Gear Solid ripoff. Not to mention a fortune teller, multi-player fighting game, and a monkey toss!

Definitely harder than AE3...
Wow. Ape Escape 3's massive amount of bonus content shows that Sony cares about the player and loves making games! I'd love to make a game with tons of bonus content. If you've played any Ape Escape titles let me know in the comments below!


Images courtesy of Google Images and Brian's Simian Cinema

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