Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Commentary- Taking time to make Sequels

Sorry I haven't had time to post (I'm getting ready for GDC), so I'm posting a Commentary instead of a Creation.

If a studio makes a successful title, it seems they immediately jump on a short production schedule to get the sequel out the door. My response, "slow down."
If not, the sequel will have minor improvements, feel formulaic because the developers were afraid to take risks, and, in the worst case scenario, be buggy.

I didn't enjoy Pokemon Platinum as nearly as much as it's predecessor (Pokemon Ruby) due to the fact it felt like the same game with prettier art.

The Portal series is a different story. Portal was released in 2007, while its sequel was released much later in 2011. Portal 2 added a deeper story, more puzzles, better graphics, and co-op with its own storyline. Despite the fact Portal 1 set up GLaDOS's character, I like the sequel more because it adds so much.

Taking time to make great sequels or games in general isn't a bad thing. I wish more publishers would realize that.

Image courtesy of PC Gamer

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